I felt that two of my teeth were smaller than the others and it was something that had made me feel self-conscious. I had always assumed my only option of correcting it would be invasive porcelain veneers but Dr Alice informed me that I also had the option of building these teeth up using a composite bonding technique. This was quick, totally painless and didn't harm my remaining tooth in any way. 18 months later the bonding is still perfectly in place and has changed the way my teeth look for the better. I can't thank Dr Alice enough for her welcoming and calming demeanour alongside professionalism throughout.Tamsin

I have always feared going to the dentist but visiting Alice is always a quick, efficient and calm experience. Alice puts you at ease from the moment you walk in; she performed an emergency root canal for me on Christmas Eve and I walked away without any discomfort or pain. I can't thank Alice enough.Ellis

Wow! I didn’t realise how much I could love my own teeth. I visited Alice for some composite bonding and walked away with a smile I’m proud of. So happy with my transformation, thank you Alice!Suzanne

Visited Ms Martin after a failed root canal had left half a tooth. Had a number of days of extreme pain and so was very nervous about having an extraction. Ms Martin put me at ease explaining in detail the procedure and taking everything slowly at my pace. The tooth was out without problem in one piece which could have caused more problems. Ms Martin’s easy going approach made the whole experience bearable and I would highly recommend her services.Jimmy

For many years smiling with my mouth open and teeth showing was non existent. I used to envy those who had the perfect smile and the perfect set of pearly whites because I felt like I certainly didn’t. Smiling for me was never an issue but the way I did it most certainly was. Lips closed and dimples showing was always my thing.

Since I can remember, going to the dentist was a thing of terror for me. I disliked everything about the experience of sitting in that chair and having someone poke and prod my teeth. Whilst having anything done, whether it was a check up or even a filling, I would always sit there and contemplate asking them what it would feel like to have my fangs chipped away at and my gaps filled. Then my thoughts would immediately change as I wouldn’t ever want to go through the pain and agony!
After speaking with Dr Alice about the procedure, I decided it was time to make that change. Just the one conversation filled me with confidence and warmth, I was ready to go.

On the day of sitting in her chair, I was nervous. I had spent 27 years with a lip-sealed smile but in the next few hours, I would finally be confident to open my mouth and show my teeth!The process and procedure was faultless to my surprise and amazement. I felt at ease from start to finish. No pain, no moments of caution and certainly no hands being held tightly! Dr Alice guided me through the whole thing with such care, compassion and composure. The experience of sitting in that chair was nothing like before.

Since having my teeth done, I now have a smile to be proud of. “No more smouldering” as Dr Alice would tell me, just a joyful smile from now on!Carl

I visited Dr Alice as an emergency patient, I had snapped my tooth and you could see a big gap when I smiled, Dr Alice done an amazing job building my tooth up, I would 100% recommend Dr Alice she has an amazing demeanour she puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.Dave

I hadn’t been to see the dentist for years and years and suddenly had the worse pain in one of my teeth. I have always been scared of the dentist but was in so much pain I resorted to an emergency dentist but I couldn’t face returning to have the further treatment as the experience I found traumatic. Then I found Dr Alice who put me at such ease I have had a full root canal treatment, and the experience made me so comfortable I decided to take the plunge and sort out the rest of my teeth. I am now in week 25 of my straightening Invisalign treatment with her which requires regular check ups which would have been impossible for me before, and after the 30 weeks I am booked in to have composite bonding to give me a smile I thought would not be possible! Thank you so much Dr Alice.Dominic

After having adult braces for two years, my teeth were perfectly aligned but the tips of my teeth were slightly transparent and I had a few chips that I wanted sorted. At my consultation Dr Alice advised that composite bonding would be perfect to fix this and so that’s what we did. My teeth now resemble something out of a Hollywood film and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Alice for making me smile...and for making it perfect!Amy

I was highly recommended to see Dr Alice to change my teeth for the best. I am currently having treatment to straighten my teeth. For many years I have been so unhappy with my smile as my teeth have moved so much over time. I am now in progress with my journey and Dr. Alice has reassured me and made me feel in very safe hands from the start and it’s been a lovely experience so far. I’m so excited to see my end results.Charlotte

I was getting a bit paranoid about the lines forming on my forehead and around my eyes and so sought Alice’s advice. She suggested a small amount of botox reduce & prevent the lines, whilst still keeping natural movement to my face! The procedure was completely painless and Alice made me feel so at ease & reassured! Would (and have) recommended her to everyone I know that’s looking for some facial tweaks :)!Christine

Alice was so lovely and welcoming. I’ve had my lips done at a different clinic before and finally I have the result I wanted all along. She took really good care and went through in detail the entire procedure and how she was going to achieve my desired look. She listens to your needs and the clinic is incredibly clean and hygienic. She gives you really good aftercare advice. I definitely recommend her over any other clinic.Hollie

I had began to feel quite self conscious of deep lines around my mouth and felt I looked old and tired. I hadn’t known that there was anything that could be done about this that was non invasive until a dental appointment with Dr Alice when I mentioned it to her. She kindly explained that there were options available to me, in the form of dermal fillers. Dr Alice did so in such a way I was put completely at ease. I have a fear of needles but Alice’s warm welcoming energy took away all these fears. I couldn’t be happier with the results and have recommended Dr Alice to all my friends feeling a similar way!Ann

I went to see Dr Alice to correct a previous procedure of lip filler from a clinician elsewhere. This previous procedure had left me with uneven lips and I could really see the difference, especially when smiling. Dr Alice took the time to assess my needs, considered my feelings and eased my panic. I left my appointment with even, naturally plump lips and will now never go anywhere but to Alice for this treatment, I can’t thank her enough.Jodie