Nervous dental patients 

Sadly Dental phobia is a very common issue faced by many people. At Lowen Dental Spa we have designed the experience to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

We understand that your concerns may have result from different sources such as a previous bad experience, unhappiness with your current dental condition or smile, or having not been for a long time. However we know that putting off visiting the dentist could lead to missed clues that can help prevent pain or problems in the future.

We pride ourselves on finding out what it is that worries you about visiting, and working with you to create an experience you will remember for all the right reasons!

We want you to feel empowered and able to take control of your oral health and smile, and know that this comes from the confidence you will have as soon as you step through our door.

At Lowen Dental Spa we have worked hard to create new ways to put this into practice and will continue to develop these to suit the needs of our community.

We have Relaxation Pods available on request, which are beautiful, comfortable and private spaces where you can relax before or after your appointment if you wish.

We understand that Dentistry is an ever evolving science and therefore we use the most up to date technology such as iTero scanning, which means that we take a 3D scan of your teeth instead of using putty impressions which can be uncomfortable and stressful for many people.

We make you our priority first and foremost, focusing on you as an individual. We want to know what is important to you so that we can help you achieve your goals and support you to the best of our ability to achieve a healthy and happy smile.

Why not get in touch to see if the Lowen Dental Spa experience is just what you’ve been looking for?